July Birth Circle: Prenatal Bonding

This month we will be featuring guest speaker, Emily Otto. She will be joining us to talk about bonding with your unborn child.

Emily Otto pictured with her partner Connor and their son, Cedar.
Emily Otto with her partner Connor and their son, Cedar.

I’m Emily Otto, I grew up on fifty acres of woodland in northern Michigan. I am an Orphan Wisdom School Scholar and I hold my BA and MA in Cultural Psychology. I have been in corporate America, working in HR and Recruiting, for about 15 years. I teach sacred intimacy – devotional attention to details, and help stressed corporate 9-5’ers to calm down and focus on building a plan toward what they love. I practice and teach workshops from a grounded perspective, offering ways to connect with the world – plants, animals and each other. I have a 14 month old son, Cedar, who has a pacemaker and had two open heart surgeries before he was six months old.

When I was pregnant, bonding with the awesome human creature growing inside of me was extremely important to me. I wanted him to know me, and me to know him, and us to work together within my body. I wanted to feel connected to him and have him know he was connected to me, long before he was ever born. This process was helped along by the mentorship and teachings from my incredible midwife, and, parenting classes with my doula. This team, and my own research, helped me to find many ways to connect the two of us in a deep, intimate and sacred way. My physical practices of yoga, gyrokinesis, walking and swimming helped connect me to the little guy inside of me. I also used breathwork, meditation and art to find simple, hands on ways to try to check in and feel what he might be feeling and let him know that we were in this thing called life, together.

I look forward to sharing my experiences and knowledge with you as you foster a deep connection with your child.

Join Emily and other families at the next Livingston County Birth Circle on Monday, July 8th at 6:30pm. Partners are welcome to join. Click here to RSVP on Facebook.

Learn more about Emily Otto at https://www.emily-otto.com/ .