May Birth Circle: Postpartum Health & Wellness

Tomorrow, May 13, 2019, our meeting will feature two guest speakers on topics of postpartum health and wellness. Dr. Rachael Elizabeth will be sharing valuable information about postpartum nutrition and physical health while Monica Laming, LMSW will be providing information and resources on postpartum mental health.

Dr. Rachael Elizabeth Miller

Dr. Rachael Elizabeth Miller PT, DPT, IHPS, WHC loves being a mama to her 5 children! It was during her postpartum recoveries that she became determined to heal her body naturally. She is currently working to maintain a healthy physical, mental, and emotional balance in motherhood. Her journey, as a mama, accelerated her passion to help women be better prepared for preconception, pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the 4th trimester. She is passionate about empowering women to have a stronger more beautiful life through nutrition, movement, and hormone balance. Dr. Rachael Miller received her doctorate degree and exercise science minor from Oakland University and has worked with clients for 13 years. In addition to her physical therapy, she is a certified women’s health coach with the Integrative Women’s Health Institute. Dr. Rachael always begin by helping a mama know where to start. It is hard for mamas to filter the misinformation or opinions of others when there is always a conflicting or fear based message. What Dr. Rachael knows from experience is, it is possible to systematically prepare your body for pregnancy, labor and delivery, or the postpartum, while integrating simple strategies into a mama’s daily routine. In doing so a mama will feel confident to delivery her baby and know how to have less impact on her body. In a world were taking care of mama doesn’t seem to exist, Dr. Rachael guides women to holistically enhance their health, develop strong lifestyle strategies, and integrate key components of wellness to optimize their unique journey to wellness, and to enhance their fulfillment in life.

Monica Laming, LMSW

Monica Laming, LMSW joins us from the Early Connections Institute at Perspectives Therapy Services in Brighton, Michigan.
Monica believes that we all develop and become who we are out of the context of our earliest relationships. Her role with children, families and adults is to engage in a positive, open and authentic therapeutic relationship where healing, change and meaning can be made, explored and understood. She uses a variety of modalities to best fit the needs of her clients and with that also a deeper understanding that true change comes through the opportunity to explore and make sense of our past, present and future. Monica has a special interest in family relationships and attachment, Maternal health/ Reproductive stressors (postpartum depression, miscarriage, fertility difficulties), infant and child parent psychotherapy and mindfulness interventions.

Please join us at 6:30pm at 2|42 Community Center, meeting room 4. See you there!