How much do the meetings cost?
LCBC monthly meetings are always FREE!

Who are the meetings for?
LCBC Monthly Meetings are designed to support birthing people in their childbearing and childrearing years.

Are partners permitted to attend?
Birth partners are welcome to attend events where indicated. We keep most meetings restricted to protect privacy and to encourage an environment where pregnant people can feel free to be open/honest about their feelings and experiences.

Are children allowed?
Children are welcome at the meetings but we do not have childcare available. If you’d like to bring your child(ren), all we ask is that you bring a quiet activity to keep them occupied during the discussion.

What is the meeting format?
Monthly meetings are two hours long and are formatted to discuss a predetermined topic for about an hour. The remaining time is kept open for discussion or socializing. Sometimes we talk about our birth experiences, sometimes we talk more deeply about the topic . . . whatever the needs of the group dictates that evening.

Where are the meetings held?
Meetings are currently held at 2|42 Community Center in Brighton, Michigan.

What should I wear?
Come as you are! There is no need to fuss.

Is food permitted?
If you need to bring a snack, feel free! We also suggest bringing your own water/beverage.

Do I need to RSVP?
We always appreciate knowing who to expect, especially when we have a guest speaker scheduled.  You can RSVP on our Facebook event page and/or our Eventbrite page to let us know you are coming.  Both will be linked for each meeting below.

Do you have other questions we can answer? Email us at

2019 Bi-Monthly Meeting Schedule & Topics

Monday January 14th – Optimal Fetal Positioning
Monday, March 11th – Natural Birth
Monday, May 13th – Postpartum Health & Wellness
Monday, July 8th – Prenatal Bonding
Monday, September 9th – Advocating for yourself in the Hospital
Monday, November 11th – Co-sleeping

More event details can be found on our Facebook page, on the Events tab.