On Entering the World Head First

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Guest post by Doula and Spinning Babies Parent Educator, Tammy Villavicencio

“You’re 10 centimeters! You can push now!”

These are the words that any person in labor looks forward hearing. It means you are close to the end; close to the birth of your precious little one. Or are you?

As a doula, I have witnessed many clients who have gotten to 10 centimeters and still had hours of pushing to do. Honestly, that was me as well for my first child. I began to wonder why and when I found Spinning Babies a whole new world opened to me. Cervical dilation isn’t the be all, end all when it comes to labor progression. Your baby has to maneuver their body and their head to line up into your pelvis so that the smallest part of their body is the part that emerges first. This is called optimal fetal positioning. If it doesn’t happen, labor can be slower, pushing can be difficult, and your baby can become ascynclitic. Sometimes this leads to cesarean births because, as the doctor says, “your baby is too big”. More likely than not, your baby was only too big for your pelvis because they weren’t lined up correctly. Think about trying to put a turtle neck on starting at the side of your head instead of the crown of your head; Much more difficult! Many babies who are not in optimal fetal positioning experience this.

Spinning Babies activities help us to prepare our babies and our bodies for labor, so baby has the best chance at getting in an optimal position. This can lead to a faster, easier, more enjoyable birth experience for both mom and baby.

Join the next Livingston County Birth Circle meeting on Monday, January 14th at 6:30pm to learn more about Optimal Fetal Positioning with our featured guest speaker, Tammy Villavicencio.  Click here to RSVP on Facebook.

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  1. I’m interested in attending but I travel for business and will be out of state during this meeting and the one in March is there any way to get access to this information after the event?

    1. Hi Sarah! You’re welcome to contact our guest speaker, Tammy Villavicencio, for a rundown of what we cover in the meeting. You can reach her website by clicking on her name at the beginning of this post. Safe travels and hope to see you at a future meeting!

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