Our meeting this month will feature guest speaker, Krystal Godlesky, an integrated nutrition health coach who will be talking with us about the microbiome as it relates to pregnancy and birth. You can join us at 2|42 Community Church in Brighton, MI on Monday, June 11, 2018 at 6:30pm, meeting room 4.


Babies are a universal symbol for Joy and New Beginnings. It can be very exciting when one receives news of a bundle of joy on the way. And for the expecting mother, that can also be a time of sudden conscious awareness of the health of your body in order to bring this tiny seed of a human through an uncomplicated and healthy full gestation, labor, birth, and of course beyond into childhood. What many health researchers are finding is that the lack of diversity in our gut microbiome may be strongly linked to the growing numbers of those being diagnosed with allergies, eczema, and asthma, among several other conditions, while taking an even closer look at babies and children.


It is a colony of trillions of species of microorganisms, ranging from bacteria to yeasts, that live directly inside of our digestive tract, skin, respiratory pathways, and genitalia. When this collective ecology is in BALANCE, the overall health of the immune system, detoxification pathways, intestinal nutrient absorption, and brain function functions appropriately to moderate levels stress, with the occasional high-stress moments. An individual with a healthy and balanced microbiome feels clear-headed and focused, energized, and is overall a motivated person with a passion for life. When the microbiome is OUT OF BALANCE, this influences the body’s immune and stress response to be on high-alert, which can lead to diagnosis of inflammatory conditions, obesity, diabetes, hormonal problems, anxiety and depression.

We receive our initial inoculation, under ideal circumstances, at birth as we descend through the vaginal canal and through breastfeeding, skin to skin with the mother immediately after. In a perfect world, the mother will have been supporting her body before conception in ways that promote optimal wellness and a healthy balance of microorganisms, even inside her vaginal canal. Nowadays, it’s a little more complicated for many women to really keep their bodies healthy in this way without a quality understanding of WHY keeping our microbiome healthy and balanced is so important to shifting the direction of illness in our world today.

Continue reading over at Krystal’s blog and join us next Monday!